AngularJS: Get selected Text and Value of HTML Select DropDownList using ng-change

The below HTML Markup consists of an HTML DIV to which ng-app and ng-controller AngularJS directives have been assigned.

The HTML DIV consists of an HTML Select DropDownList which will be populated from JSON array using ng-options directive.

The HTML Select DropDownList has been assigned ng-change directive. When an option is selected in HTML Select DropDownList then the GetValue function of the Controller gets called.
Inside the function, first the selected Value is fetched from the ng-model attribute and the selected Text is fetched from the JSON array using jQuery grep function.
Finally the selected Text and Value is displayed using JavaScript alert message box.



Age calculation in mysql Select query

Following is the way to calculate age based on date in mysql select query

SELECT name, 

| name | birth | CURDATE() | age | 
| Fluffy | 1993-02-04 | 2003-08-19 | 10 | 
| Claws | 1994-03-17 | 2003-08-19 | 9 |
| Buffy | 1989-05-13 | 2003-08-19 | 14 | 
| Fang | 1990-08-27 | 2003-08-19 | 12 | 
| Bowser | 1989-08-31 | 2003-08-19 | 13 | 
| Chirpy | 1998-09-11 | 2003-08-19 | 4 | 
| Whistler | 1997-12-09 | 2003-08-19 | 5 | 
| Slim | 1996-04-29 | 2003-08-19 | 7 | 
| Puffball | 1999-03-30 | 2003-08-19 | 4 | 

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Function to find dates in current week in mysql

MySQL YEARWEEK() returns year and week number for a given date.

Syntax: YEARWEEK(date_value,Mode)

Parameters or Arguments

A date or datetime value from which to extract the year and week.
Optional. It is used to specify what day the week starts on. It can be one of the following:

mode Explanation Week Value
0 First day of the week is Sunday 0-53
1 First day of the week is Monday and the first week has more than 3 days 0-53
2 First day of the week is Sunday 1-53
3 First day of the week is Monday and the first week has more than 3 days 1-53
4 First day of the week is Sunday and the first week has more than 3 days 0-53
5 First day of the week is Monday 0-53
6 First day of the week is Sunday and the first week has more than 3 days 1-53
7 First day of the week is Monday 1-53

Example : select YEARWEEK(now());

The following statement will return the year and week number of the date 2016-05-19.

SELECT YEARWEEK(‘2016-05-19’);




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HEX Color Code Converter / Chooser

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Unable to launch the ASP.NET Development server because port ‘1900’ is in use

The Problem

You are coding away, Visual Studio locks up for one of it’s many reasons, and reopen your project and run it again. You then get the “Unable to launch the visual studio development server because port 9452 is in use” error

The Cause

When Visual Studio crashed, the Web Server did not, so basically it thinks you are trying to run two instances at the same time, which is not allowed.

The Solution

Open up the process manager, go to the Processes tab, and select “WebDev.WebServer40.exe” and click “End Process”. Then try running your project again. Visual Studio will now start the project fresh and the problem should go away.


Or try this



Hope it helps !

null oid not supported Telerik OpenAccess

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Error : Null oid not supported 

Stack trace
[ArgumentException: null oid not supported]
at Telerik.OpenAccess.SPI.Backends.ThrowException(Exception e)
at OpenAccessRuntime.ExceptionWrapper.Throw()
at OpenAccessRuntime.common.StatesReturned.addImp(OID oid, State state, Boolean directFlag)
at OpenAccessRuntime.common.StatesReturned.add(OID key, State value_Renamed)
at OpenAccessRuntime.Relational.RelationalQueryResult.fetchManagedTypes(ApplicationContext context, Int32 fetchAmount, QueryResultContainer results)
at OpenAccessRuntime.Relational.RelationalQueryResult.fetchNextResultBatch(ApplicationContext context, QueryResultContainer results, Int32 fetchAmount)


Reason :

Its because of the there is an object where the id (Primary key) field contains a null.

if there is an entity having two fields set as Identity field. and one of the fields is purely unique (set a Primary Key in DB)  where as the other one is not so this kind of error raised by Telerik ORM.


Telerik ORM is not supporting  ‘null’ values as part of the identity. Each member that makes up the identity of a class must have a non-null value. There is no workaround either to this problem.

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Order by Date Descending issue (Linq)

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Issue :

 Dim list As List(Of Eventlist) = (From d In EventList
 Order By d.Status Descending, d.StartDate Descending, 
 Select d).ToList()

It gives me the date ordered by month and day, but doesn’t take year into consideration. for example:


Needs to be more like:


Solution :

 Dim list As List(Of Eventlist) = (From d In EventList
 Order By d.Status Descending, Year(d.StartDate) Descending, Month(d.StartDate) Descending, Day(d.StartDate) Descending
 Select d).ToList()

Hope it helps !