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Comma separated values in mysql


GROUP_CONCAT function concatenates values within each group defined by GROUP BY clause.

Syntax GROUP_CONCAT([DISTINCT] exp [ORDER BY sorting] [SEPARATOR ‘sep’])
Quick Example SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(city) FROM cities GROUP BY state;
Separator Comma (,) by default, ” eliminates separator
NULL Values Skipped
Max Length 1024 by default, specified by group_concat_max_len system variable


     city VARCHAR(70),
     state CHAR(2)
   INSERT INTO cities VALUES ('San Francisco', 'CA');
   INSERT INTO cities VALUES ('San Diego', 'CA');
   INSERT INTO cities VALUES ('Los Angeles', 'CA');
   INSERT INTO cities VALUES ('Austin', 'TX');
   INSERT INTO cities VALUES ('Houston', 'TX');

   SELECT state, GROUP_CONCAT(city)
   FROM cities
   GROUP BY state;
The result:
CA San Francisco,San Diego,Los Angeles
TX Austin,Houston
SQL Server:
SELECT state,
STUFF((SELECT ',' + city FROM cities WHERE state = c.state FOR XML PATH('')),1 ,1 ,'')
FROM cities c
GROUP BY state

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Rahul Bhatia

How can I turn off Visual Studio 2012/2013 Preview

From the menu go to Tools -> Options then navigate to Environment -> Tabs and Windowsand uncheck the Preview Tab checkboxes.

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Set email alert in TFS 2012 / VS 2013

February 25, 2014 Leave a comment

Following MSDN link will be helpful to set alerts/email of TFS