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Updatepanel triggers another updatepanel

August 18, 2017 Leave a comment


By default, every UpdatePanel will be refreshed during every asynchronous post back.

Some important remarks about Update Panel

When an UpdatePanel control is not inside another UpdatePanel control, the panel is updated according to the settings of the UpdateMode and ChildrenAsTriggers properties, together with the collection of triggers. When an UpdatePanel control is inside another UpdatePanel control, the child panel is automatically updated when the parent panel is updated.

The content of an UpdatePanel control is updated in the following circumstances:

  • If the UpdateMode property is set to Always, the UpdatePanel control’s content is updated on every postback that originates from anywhere on the page. This includes asynchronous postbacks from controls that are inside other UpdatePanel controls and postbacks from controls that are not inside UpdatePanel controls.
  • If the UpdatePanel control is nested inside another UpdatePanel control and the parent update panel is updated.
  • If the UpdateMode property is set to Conditional, and one of the following conditions occurs:
    • You call the Update method of the UpdatePanel control explicitly.
    • The postback is caused by a control that is defined as a trigger by using the Triggers property of the UpdatePanel control. In this scenario, the control explicitly triggers an update of the panel content. The control can be either inside or outside the UpdatePanelcontrol that defines the trigger.
    • The ChildrenAsTriggers property is set to true and a child control of the UpdatePanel control causes a postback. A child control of a nested UpdatePanel control does not cause an update to the outer UpdatePanel control unless it is explicitly defined as a trigger.


Following is the example of code with UpdateMode property set to Conditional.


Hope it helps !